About us

Our Roots 1946-1966

The Tamworth Arts Club has a long history and though the format that exists now was essentially formed in 1965 (when it was called the Opera Group), its roots can be traced all the way back to 1946.

In February 1946, the Tamworth Arts and Science club was formed with the aim of fostering the enjoyment of the Arts and Sciences. There were various groups formed covering literature, arts, music, history, science and drama.  By the fifties the interest in the Sciences had waned, so in 1953 the title was changed to the Tamworth Arts Club and a Film and Photography Group soon formed.  The Club flourished throughout the fifties and the Drama Group in particular received acclaim.

In 1965 after great public demand, the Opera Group was formed and its first performance in April 1966 of The Mikado was a huge success. Over the following years, the Opera Group inherited the title of Tamworth Arts Club when the other separate groups disbanded.

1966 to the Present day

For the first couple of decades, the club principally performed operettas, especially Gilbert and Sullivan. These performances received good reviews and were often sold out. Through the Eighties and Nineties, we introduced a lot more Broadway and West End musicals into our repertoire. The new millennium has been dominated by musicals but we haven’t turned our backs on our opera roots.

In 2018, Tamworth Arts Club changed its name to Tamworth Musical Theatre Company to better reflect its mission in the local community. One of its greatest strengths – and one that is a particular credit to Tamworth itself – is the knowledge and talent of the club’s performers and production teams. This has allowed us to try a wide variety of productions and even write our own shows. Since the early eighties we have generally performed one major production and one smaller musical revue, written by our members, per year.

Our membership is very varied with a good mixture of ages and experience, including some of the original Opera Group though they do not perform anymore. We are always looking for new members who are interested in helping out in all aspects of putting on a show onstage, backstage or front of house.

Tamworth Musical Theatre Company has also taken part in many performances throughout the years for charities and also to help out other organisations. These have included concert performances at retirement homes, W.I.s, parish halls, P.T.A functions and events organised by the Friends of Tamworth Castle.

Tamworth Musical Theatre Company is a Registered Charity, No. 252852 and we pride ourselves on donating money and time to other national and local charities.